Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Moldy Attic in Santa Rosa Beach Area

Heat, moisture, lack of circulation are factors that allow dormant mold spores to sprout into large mold patches as depicted in this Before Photo. Gulf moisture... READ MORE

Miramar Beach and a Mold Problem

Poor circulation in a coastal area of Florida basement or crawl space often leads to a large mold attack. Moisture feeds the dormant mold spores that are presen... READ MORE

Mold Growth in a Miramar Beach Attic

The roof did not do its job of keeping rainwater water from seeping into the sheathing and rafters in this Miramar Beach attic. Fortunately, the homeowner inspe... READ MORE

Fort Walton Beach Mold Encounter

A leak on the flat roof led to water and moisture collecting in the sheathing and beams of this Fort Walton carport. The patch job stops the water seepage, but ... READ MORE

Mold Growth from a Leaking Water Heater

The slow drip of the supply line from this water heater in Sea Grove eventually took its toll on a large amount of mold damage. The moisture provided the mold s... READ MORE

Moldy Miramar Walls

This is what can happen when a leak in the opposing wall bathroom goes unnoticed or ignored for any length of time. The water seeped into the void between the w... READ MORE